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Greetings Friends,


My sincere appreciation to the residents, supporters and volunteers for their support during the August 23rd Primary Election Campaign. With the overwhelmingly votes of residents I received in the Primary Election, our campaign moves forward to the November 8, 2022 General Election as I seek to continue being a State Representative who delivers results to District 105.

I am humbled and honored to be the State Representative for Florida House District 101. During the recent 2022 Florida Legislative Session, the Legislature approved new redistricting maps and the majority of the area I now represent will become District 105 for the next election cycle. I will continue to serve residents who now live in District 101 and am delighted to meet and be a voice for the additional residents who will become part of District 105. Since I was elected, I have been working hard in the District and Tallahassee on behalf of all residents. I am very encouraged to see the outpouring of assistance by local community leaders and organizations to enhance the lives of many.


 Throughout the recent Legislative Sessions, I enthusiastically sponsored and supported legislation to make our neighborhoods, schools, and businesses stronger. As a determined freshman Representative, I met with colleagues, engaged community stakeholders, and constantly walked the halls in the Capitol to fight for my constituents. Those efforts led to the passing of many of my filed bills.


The Covid-19 pandemic forced all of us to adjust to the challenges faced in our daily lives. I am constantly mindful of the resources required to bring a sense of comfort and stability to the District and State as we return to normal activities.


Together, we will continue the necessary work to impact the lives of all Floridians in a positive way. My priorities will always be to seek resources for COVID-19 recovery, improve our education system, accessibility to affordable health care; including mental health, address the housing crisis, promote environmental sustainability, enhance public safety, protect voting rights, and establish public/private partnerships to foster economic development.


Everyday, it is a privilege for me to be a Representative who is always committed to being a strong voice for everyone in our local community and in Tallahassee. I am always reminded that a “seat at the table” is essential to bring necessary change.                                        


With You, We Can Continue To Make It Happen!


Your support is greatly appreciated.


Yours in service,



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