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Subway Tracks


Ready for School


Our schools need the support of our state legislature. I will work with my colleagues to implement physical security upgrades in our schools; promote learning in a positive school climate while fostering open communication among staff and students; invest in our teachers by ensuring that their salaries reflect education as a priority while providing them with the appropriate training and resources to master the art of teaching, and facilitate parent feedback and involvement.



America needs to move from a sick-care system to a healthcare system.  I plan on working with my colleagues to make healthcare spending tax free for employees; address mental health issues in our communities; advocate for Medicaid Expansion and Revision; establish a medication pool for children with cancer or chronic diseases where medications and treatments can be unaffordable even for those with insurance; and advocate for caps on drug prices to make life-saving drugs and procedures affordable.   

Traveling with Headphones


Our community needs a public transportation system that is convenient and cost effective for everyone.  In order to achieve this, I will advocate for the Expressway Authority to divert more money to public transit and less to highway expansion.  Residents also need more incentives to use public transportation or ride bikes to work that are in safe paths.  In this regard, I will launch a campaign to encourage employers to provide tax-free transportation benefits to workers, such as bus, train, light rail, van pool, etc.. We can also make our communities cleaner and healthier by using public money as incentives for green transportation technologies and to convert city buses and trucks to run on alternate low emission fuels. 

Police Car Lights


Public safety is a priority for all communities. I support better gun control to promote safer communities.  I will support more funding to deploy more police officers while also providing them with the appropriate resources and training to enhance performance, and conduct effective crime prevention programs, such as community policing, drug awareness, and gun safety.    

Young Businesspeople


Economic growth and stability is essential to our communities. I will collaborate and partner with the private sector to assist college graduates with housing and other services, establishing hubs in various communities that can provide them with an adequate support system and boost economic development in the district. I will work to expand valuable affiliations with businesses and large corporations to create incentives for hiring and mentoring graduates as well as individuals in underprivileged sections of our district.

Housing Development


Affordable housing and property insurance are not available to many residents in our communities. As your State Representative, I will continue to advocate and support the replenishing of the Sadowski Fund as opposed to depleting it. I will also support and/or introduce legislation to address the housing and property insurance crises with the dedication to ensure individuals and families have adequate and safe housing.

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