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SINCE 2020

Homestead Exemption for Seniors

Simplifies the renewal process for the additional Homestead
Exemption available to qualifying seniors throughout the State of
Florida by requiring that they submit the statement of household
income only the first time they are claiming the exemption.

Student Mental Health 
HB 489/SB1218 amended into SB590/HB7035

Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, each school district in the
state will be required to include the numbers for national or state crisis
and suicide hotlines on any school-issued student identification card
for students in grades 6-12.  Reps. Woodson and Daley 
Divorcing Parents of Special Needs Children 
HB 1075 amended into SB1532/HB1089

The bill ensures divorcing parents of children with special needs
and/or emotional concerns are educated about the specific needs for
their children, as well as about resources and community services
available and how to access them. 
Homeless Youth

Provides youth exiting foster care and with those who experience
homelessness with access to services and tools to alleviate some
barriers and obstacles they face in their lives. 

Abatement of Taxes 
HB 71 amended into HB7071 

Provides property tax relief to owners of residential properties
destroyed by a catastrophic event.

Property Taxation Exemption for First Responders
HB 101 amended into HB 7063

The bill grants an additional Property Tax Exemption to the spouses of
federal law enforcement officials who die in the line of duty. The
exemption had already existed for the spouses of local and state law
enforcement officers. 
Benefits, Training and Employment for Veterans and Their Spouses
HB 139

The bill authorizes the Florida Department of Veteran Affairs (FDVA)
and Veterans Florida to provide veterans and their spouses access to
training, education, and employment in health care professions and to
refer veterans and spouses seeking health care licensure to the
Department of Health (DOH).

Secured 6.2 million dollars in the State Budget for District projects.

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